Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

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Pakistan youth outreach is making youth to overcome challenges, training them for unity and brotherhood, sharing diversity and knowledge, encourage team, leadership, and sharing a worthwhile experience run by a country with no history in significant winter sports events, by an association that had been formed 6 years back. Pakistan youth outreach is focusing on women empowerment/gender equality through winter sports, interaction of youth and reminding them their ancestral life style.

We have a strong reputation of producing first class outdoor sports events, and from all perspectives the inaugural PYO Winter Games was a huge success.

By any standards this is a staggering result. Not just as an affirmation of Pakistan youth outreach capability to initiate and conduct a national winter sports event, additionally to establish our credentials as the Northern Pakistan prime winter sports destination. The suggestions for future events and for outdoor activities and tourism in general are truly energizing. We now have a strong base upon which to build future Winter Games, and as a planning has already started on delivering the next outdoor games and they will be even better.

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A documentary film about Samina Baig, who at the age of 22, became the first Pakistani woman to summit Mt.Everest. She climbed for awareness about women empowerment.

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